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Siya: A Suicide’s Argument

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  On paper, she has everything- a dedicated lover, powers that are second to none, and professional success. Yet, she wakes up in a hospital having tried to kill herself. Explore with Siya the depths of familial trauma and healing.

Last Updated: March 23rd, 2024
Project Started: October 2nd, 2022

4 reviews for Siya: A Suicide’s Argument

  1. intentionally lost11

    Absolutely soulful! One of the best poems I have come accross with such deep meaning! Looking forward to more of it!

  2. intentionally lost11

    The atmosphere is tense already! I can’t wait for the next chapter!!

  3. 4 out of 5


    It was very thoughtful of the author to mention the trigger warnings at the beginning of the story and while apologising for unintentionally triggering the readers. Specific trigger warnings are mentioned at the beginning of each chapter.

    The story starts with a beautiful poem and takes into consideration a lot of things, from mental health issues to unhealthy parenting. The feelings of the main character are explained very well. They are very descriptive and hence, very palpable.

    The emotions are raw. I also found the conversations very straightforward – every character said what they had in their minds and none of them tried to sugarcoat their words even a bit. Personally, if someone would have said some of those things to me, I would have felt really hurt, especially if I was hospitalized after attempting suicide.

    Ketki is probably the best therapist ever. She was just perfect and never for once judgemental. If only all therapists were like her in real life, people couldn’t have to get therapy to cope with previous therapy.

    Siya’s story felt like my own when she talked about her parents, especially her mother, only mine’s way worse. Siya’s nihilism is understandable. The world is going to the bin and she thinks she’s responsible for contributing to it. The story also talks about demisexuality as a conversation between Siya and Scar.

    Dhruv was an absolute sweetheart. He was kind and considerate, and ready to do what made Siya comfortable.

  4. 5 out of 5


    A beautiful tale of love, pain, trauma, hurt, hope. We never prioritize mental health and you depicted the importance of not taking it for granted. Right person at right time can change any thing into our favour. Siya had Dhruv and if someone doesn’t have their Dhruv you have to accompany yourself.
    Once I started reading I subconsciously started to hold some of your beautiful lines with me. But I quitted knowing there were too many extraordinary lines. But one line that stays in my mind is “He loves me now and then”. That’s what love is. Otherwise we would feel like paradise when we are loved everytime. Your screenplay(I apologize for the wrong technical term) is too good with the memories that just pops into the mind of Siya.

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