Muses Saga

Publish your work

Instructions on how to send your work, to be published with Muses_Saga

  • 1. Kindly send your manuscript at if the manuscript isn’t finished, send a synopsis of the plot and a date by when the book will have finished.
  • 2. Make sure the manuscript is in Times New Roman 12, with page size being 6″ 9″
  • Have page numbers
  • 3. Ensure you’re submitted original content or cited content. No plagiarism will be entertained. References aren’t plagiarism.
  • Let us know in the email which free of cost publishing features you would want to avail.

  • Once your manuscript is approved for publishing, we will let you know in 7 business days, you’ll be assigned a team of editors, analysts, and artists, who will be in close contact with you as the book is edited and guide you with marketing.

  • While the editing team will proof read, edit, and even fact check the book if needed, the responsibility, especially in case of non-fiction, is of the author to ensure that the claims made in the work are fatually correct.