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Behind the Scene

Muses_Saga started as an Instagram page where five poets- Adrika Roy, Anuraag Chatterjee, Arpita Maji, Anjali Roongta, and Dibya Patranabish- wanted to share their work. When the pandemic started, they came together to publish a book. This book was Realisations in Quarantine. As they progressed on their journey, they were shocked-

Self-Publishing required money they didn’t have as students.  Free publishing offered no editing or marketing services. Traditional publishers often printed more books than will ever be read. Once deemed unsellable, those copies would be torn up, and either pulped or landfilled. As environmentalists and book-lovers they were aghast.

However, they found a publisher who offered them ISBN and distribution services free of cost- but nothing else. Out of options, and glad for their print-on-demand services, they chose a publisher. Realisations in Quanarntine was published.

But the problems continued.

Their peers who would love to support their book but being students, did not have the cash for it. Students rarely have money to spare on art, no matter how much they wish to after all.

Anjali Roongta wanted to make the book even more eco-friendly and wondered what to do. She also wanted to help other writers like her, whose books were not given their due even in some paid editing services.

After sitting down with her peers, friends, and family, and doing hours of research, she felt like she could solve these issues.

Thus, Muses_Saga came into being. A sustainable publishing house using recycled and reused paper. Publishing books for free. Giving readers the option to read books online for free or buy them came into being as a solution to their problems.

The journey continues…

She met Ayaan Asharf Hussain, Anwesha Kalmakar, and Shubhr Aakriti who all decided to contribute to the team in various ways. Incredible author came to publish under Muses_Saga’s banner and many became a part of the Muses family.

Everyday our family of writers, editors, artists, and others continues to grow. Sustainability challenges pop up and are solved or sighed upon. New goals are set, and we march on.

The journey continues…


Writing is difficult. Publishing doesn’t have to be.

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