Muses Saga

Hey there.

So, you have written a book- congratulations!

And now you are wondering- what’s next in your journey to be a bestselling author?

Well, the answer is simple…publishing.

But that doesn’t mean its easy…especially if you want the amenities of traditional publishing mixed with the freedom of self-publishing.

But that’s where we come in. We at Muses_Saga believe that writing is difficult and publishing doesn’t have to be.
With the right team, your book can soar. And with Muses’ Ecokavi plan, the right team comes at zero-cost*.

Ecokavi- A Zero-Cost Publishing Experience


What is Ecokavi?

It is what I wanted for my first book. Someone to guide me and show me the ropes without charging an arm and a leg or wasting the resources of our planet or taking away my right to my work.
And here’s what you get as Muses’ Ecokavi-

  1. One round of editing

Look we authors do our best but those punctuations marks can sneak past us. I mean, I have been writing for a decade and I still need a minute every time I am faced with semicolon or comma.
So, to make sure that your plot has zero-holes and your full-stops are exactly where they are meant to be, we will give you one round of editing for your book.

  1. Trigger Warnings

Look we at Muses_Saga, celebrate informed choices and to make sure your readers know exactly what they are getting into, we put trigger warnings on your work.

  1. Canva Chic Cover

We have all heard that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover…but how many of us actually do that? Bestie, you need a beautiful cover that shows your book in the best light. With Canva, we do just that for you.

  1. Typesetting

You write and leave the hassle of making the interior look beautiful to us, kay?

  1. Marketing

We will share your book for you. One well-made post/reel on Instagram will get the readers right to your door. Get ready to answer some heated fan-mail.
And if IG fails us, guess who won’t? Our readers. Every time we publish a new part of your book, we will send an email to our readers to let them know, a new plot twist awaits.

  1. Distribution and Author’s Revenue

Now that readers know about your book, they would wanna know where to get it. You can tell them that Muses_Saga is the place to be. Your book will be distributed from our platform as an e-book, an eco-friendly paperback, and readers can read it on the website itself, giving you three, not two, ways to make revenue from your work.
For each sale, you get 100% revenue.

  1. Eco-friendly Merchandise

Did we say three revenue streams? We meant four. To ensure your green fandom can grow, we give you the opportunity to release eco-friendly merch made of natural materials for reusable products like tote bags.
Please choose quotes carefully, we will only make merch that shows the potential to last beyond the initial craze and is truly sustainable.

  1. ISBN

You have a book and a fandom- but what’s stopping someone from claiming your works as theirs? The ISBN we will register in your name, of course.

  1. Reviews and a Fandom

With the book on Muses’ platform, readers will have the chance to leave a review, kickstarting both improvement and a fan community!

  1. Celebrating Success

You know what the icing on the cake is? We will celebrate your book with us. For eery new achievement, such as becoming Muses’ most popular book or gaining a lot of reviews, we will post about your book on our socials.
And if you get a 100 sales/reviews, we will ask if sustainable e-commerce stories will carry your book on a Print on Demand basis, widening your reach!

  1. Author’s Page

And of course, every author deserves an author’s page so we will give you that.

Please note, that the book will be made as sustainable and eco-friendly as possible. Which means certain themes will not be entertained. Every book will be printed on eco-friendly paper and packed in reused packaging. We will not store an excessive number of copies of your book nor will we invest in buy-back programs.

*While the author gets 100% revenue on each sale, the MRP of the book will be printing cost+ Muses’ fee+ the author’s revenue.

Sounds awesome? You can contact us via Muses_Saga or drop an email on
Let’s get publishing!

Psssttt…this is not all. If you want more, we will oblige. From book launches and trailers to a custom cover and more, we can tailor a paid package for you, called Ecorachna.