Muses Saga

Muses_Saga: Sustainability Vision

Muses_Saga: Eco-friendly Publishers is an eco-conscious company. We want to reduce waste and help promote an eco-friendly and ethical lifestyle.

What green actions have we taken so far to?

Our free online reading website runs on Hostinger’s servers which use renewable energy.

We use recycled paper, upcycled paper, reused paper, or other forms of  tree-free paper when printing our eco-friendly paperbacks. Opting for chlorine-free non-bleached paper is something we try to do.

Our current Printing Partners are Baba Printers and Sgentho Printers. In the past we have worked with Picatype Printing Solutions and Print Desk Printing Solutions. We aim to support local printing businesses with our books.

To ship our books we use reusable and reused packaging and Shiprocket courier alongside small and local courier services. This ensures plastic-free shipping and good customer experience. The bonus is when we can, we get to support other small businesses.

Lastly, bestie, we are print-on-demand as far as possible. This reduces paper waste, unnecessary use of toxic ink, and inventory space required.

Oh and we are always open to learning about where we can be more eco-friendly. After all, it’s a journey.

Cool isn’t it?

Future Green Goals

Have we done everything we can to be sustainable?


We are a small, imperfectly sustainable start-up. Boy, do we have a long way to go.

But here are some green dreams we are working towards-

Our aim is to go 100% plastic-free by the end of 2023- which we have already begun working towards by refusing plastic lamination on our book covers. Don’t worry, we still ensure, the covers are durable.

We aim to create a premium sustainability ad space where all the ads are of sustainable products which have a good Zoobop score.
This is so you can buy from our ads without having to think twice. You will get an ethical and sustainable product for sure. To this end, girl, we have got affiliate links from e-commerce stores.

Our team is also looking for ways to use eco-inks in small batches without harming the environment. Currently, we use digital printing which has some environmental benefits.

And of course, we hope to get third-party green certifications soon to help you trust us better.

2022 Sustainability Wins

In 2022 we published 12 titles. Together, they sold over 170 books, all made on sustainable paper. By procuring around 1800 parent sheets of recycled or tree-free paper, we were able to save 112 trees.