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Why Use Recycled Paper in Your Book?

Author- Anjali Roongta

With the doomsday clock ticking ever closer, authors and publishers are looking for a way to make eco-friendly books. A simple way to make your paperback eco-friendly is by using recycled paper. You get the feel and smell of paper, to an extent, and your impact is lessened too. Your eyes will probably also thank you when not constantly subjected to blue light. So let’s dive right in. What are the benefits of using recycled paper in your book production?


Benefits of Using Recycled Paper in Your Book Production

Reduces waste

The biggest perk of recycling paper is that it stops paper from entering landfills. Less waste always a good thing. If we can keep the resources we have in circulation for longer- our planet has an easier time. Interested in starting your low-waste journey? We have just the planner to help you.


Reduces emissions- Methane and Co2

In landfills, organic material like paper releases methane which is worse than CO2 for global warming. Recycling paper also reduces CO2 emissions according to some. Almost by 20% when compared to the emissions released when the paper is being burned to get rid of it.


Uses less energy

Making and then getting rid of virgin paper can need almost twice the amount of energy that recycling paper does, according to some sources. This is because the waste paper is often burnt. Others say recycling paper requires 31% less energy than making virgin paper. Now, of course, there is debate on this, for recycled paper needs virgin strands. Recycling also tends to be labor and energy intensive. Yet if you cannot use paper made from waste, recycling is worth a try.


Less water intensive

Recycled paper production can take almost 35,000 fewer liters of water than producing the same amount of virgin fiber paper. How’s that for helping avert the water crisis?


Reduces Deforestation and Monocultures for Paper

Paper comes from trees. To make new paper, we have to cut down trees. Now, of course, sustainably sourced paper exists and that is great. Recycled paper is a good option if we are looking to protect our forests and the biodiversity that thrives in them. Furthermore, monoculture for paper production is a real issue that recycled paper can solve. Additionally, recycled fibers are also more effective in making paper. It is estimated that 1.2 tonnes of recycled fibers produce 1 tonne of recycled paper. The wood required for the same amount of virgin paper? 2.5 tonnes.


It is easier on the eyes

I can hear you rolling your eyes. How is recycled paper easier on the eyes than any other type of paper? You are right. It is not. I am talking about reading on your cell phone or laptop. I do that a lot and my eyes suffer because of it. Of course, just like some books are enjoyed on paperback, fanfiction is more enjoyable on a screen. Yet, recycled paper books can give you the feel of a real book and be easier on your eyes compared to a screen that emits blue light. E-readers might be easier on your eyes than a mobile phone too, but then comes the question of how much are you reading. For if you are not a voracious reader, a paperback might be the more eco-friendly option for you.

Reduces Pollution

Burning paper in landfills increases air pollution. Recycling takes care of that problem.

Shows your commitment to Being Eco-Friendly

As a brand, publisher, or author you can create both awareness and show your commitment to being eco-friendly through the raw materials and packaging you use. Avoiding plastic, using recycled paper, using eco-inks, and otherwise implementing sustainable practices in your book production shows what you stand for as a brand. Want to learn how to make sustainable books? We have just the series for you.


While some say that using recycled paper is more financially viable than using virgin paper that has not been the case in our experience. We also know that recycling paper can be difficult if you do not have access to the right resources. Thus the paper you use might go to landfills instead of recycling facilities. So, we understand that sometimes there is no option but to use virgin paper. After all, even recycled paper eventually needs strands of virgin fibers. How to ensure that the virgin paper you get is eco-friendly? Keep reading our blogs to find out. We share tips on how to make eco-friendly and sustainable books and more.



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