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For poetry lovers, World Poetry Day is no less than a festival. It’s an excuse to take a day off and sit and read the poems that have impacted your view of the world. Or just relax with some verse.

Cover for Art of Words by Bhumi Londhe. The cover is in white and blue with blue font in the typography style.
Read Art of Words Bhumi Londhe online for free on Muses_Saga

But we wouldn’t have these poems that we love without the efforts and insights of poets from all walks and ages of humanity. And it’s crucial that to keep the art of poetry alive, we show solidarity with these artists.

Though, bestie, in the era of climate change when we are moving towards reduced consumption is that really possible? Like girl, book hauls for books we won’t read look cute…but are they susty? Yet, how else do we show support? I mean our economic systems have led us to believe that support is shown by means of buying a product only. Right?

Now, we at Muses_Saga will never discourage anyone from buying poetry books that are well-loved and will be read again and again. Yet, if you’re interested in making your support for your favourite poets a little greener, here are some ways you can do that.

Get the book from your local library and shops.

Authors love libraries. Essentially, the more copies a book people need to read, the more libraries order, but since these books are read by multiple people for years and years, the environmental impact is balanced and authors still get paid. Better than pirating.

And yes, sustainably you can get the book from your local second-hand shop, but that doesn’t really give money to the author. It is still helpful as authors love for their work to be read, of course. Or you can rent an author’s books as well, or buy from your local street vendors and shops, as long as you ensure these are not pirated copies. In Kolkata, Park Street and College Street have numerous shops and vendors selling poetry and fiction books.

Read Online

You can also read your favourite poems online if they are available for free online reading on say Muses_Saga or Kindle Library in a manner that the author supports. Instagram has a lot of poets whom you can support with likes, joining their Patreon if it’s possible, or simply sharing their work.

Cover of Once Upon a Time
Read Once Upon a Time online on Muses_Saga for free

And one thing that goes a long way…

Leave reviews

Comments and reviews not only help poets improve and gauge how their work is performing, but also makes their day. On social media platform, engagement is an important metric to get monetized, and reach a wider audience. So, share. Like. Comment.

And if you can,

Attend Performances

Whether they be online lives or off-sites performances, you can definitely support a poet this way. Now large events are difficult to keep sustainable and you really don’t have control over the organization, but you can still help make the event eco-friendly through suggestions and by doing small things like carrying reusables and your own water bottle. You can also travel by train or low-emission flights.

But if you must buy a book, we would never discourage you. Every book makes a positive impact on someone’s life and the printing industry supports many local shops, printers, authors, and more. To make it even greener, here are some things you can do when possible.

Buy FSC certified or eco-friendly books

Upcycled paper, recycled paper or books made from sustainably sourced paper are all options you have when you wish to buy a new book. We understand that sometimes you will have to buy a book which does not fit these parameters, but as long you email the publishers and advocate for these policies, when possible, you are doing your bit.

Cover of Insomniac Mumbles by Sakshi Ramesh
Read Insomniac Mumbles by Sakshi Ramesh

It’s easy too as many big publishes like say Penguin Random House are already moving towards recycled paper.

Plus, bestie, there’s no one way to be sustainable. You can always read online or on a e-reader but there are some caveats to the sustainability of e-books.

Go digital or listen to audiobooks responsibly

So, here’s the tea. Screen-time can affect your eyes. Moreover, our electronics usually have a animal coating on the screen and require metals and minerals to make which need to be mined. There are a lot of supply chain issues in these minds.

Apart from all that, you need to read a hundred books a year to combat the impact of your e-reader…but reading on the phone might just wreck your eyes unless you have blue-light filter and stuff.

In such cases, reading online on devices optimized for that, hearing audiobooks, and buying second-hand e-readers can be a good option. Especially when many-a-times, authors earn more on e-books than they do on paperbacks.

Fame, Fate, and Fury cover
Read Fame, Fate, and Fury by Anuraag Chatterjee online for free

And of course, pick the paperback over the hardcover when you can. Try and get the new cover editions as dust jackets rather than a whole book to save on paper, and always remember that reading on the e-reader simulates not as deep reading as paper.

There’s what you can do to help your favs! Yet, party abhi backi hai mere dost. Here’s a last way that readers have helped authors over the years with.

Word-of-mouth marketing

Spread the word about the book, talk to friends and family and colleagues about it. Ask shopkeepers and librarians to carry a copy of the book, making them invest in the poet you wish to support.

And of course, if they are on social media, give them a follow, buy them a coffee when you can, attend their writing courses if you find them valuable, and sip your coffee or tea with their reusable and useful merch and verse.

That’s it, for today folks. Have fun supporting your favourite poets this World Poetry Day…and if they happen to be on Muses_Saga, drop them a review or buy them a coffee. It truly makes our day and theirs too!

Author- Anjali Roongta



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