Muses Saga

April 15, 2023

Maybe you are a writer.  Or perhaps a publisher. If you are here, you are probably also an environmentalist, constantly wondering what you can do to make your hobbies even more planet-friendly. One way you can achieve your goal is by reducing waste. For writers and publishers, paper waste can accumulate over the years and…

March 13, 2023

How to Make Financially Viable Eco-Friendly Paperbacks  Author- Anjali Roongta When someone mentions sustainability, we think they are talking about the environment alone. However, sustainability is multi-faceted and involves environmental, social, and financial aspects. To cater to customer demands, publishers are going green. Yet how are we to make affordable eco-friendly paperbacks if the raw…

March 6, 2023

Here’s How You Make an Eco-Friendly Book Author- Anjali Roongta Consumer awareness of environmental sustainability is increasing. This is forcing industries all over the world to promote their products as “green”. Are you a publisher who’s scared that unless they are able to make their company more sustainable, writers will abandon them? Well, stop catastrophizing….