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It’s that time of the year again. When we celebrate our moms. Mark the date folks, May 14th is here. And so is the thought- what am I gifting my mom this Mother’s Day?

Or worse, shit! I forgot to grab a gift for my mom.

And if you are an environmentalist, like many of us here at Muses, then you are probably wondering what you can do for Mama Earth.

Wouldn’t it be grand if you could feed two birds with one feeder? Give your mom a sustainable Mother’s Day gift. And we have got some ideas for you that are just perfect for last-minute gifts-

Five Last-Minute Sustainable Gifts for Mother’s Day


  1. Write her a poem or a short story

This is my tried and tested Mother’s Day gift. Nothing shows love, in my opinion, like a poem crafted from the depths of your heart. A short story, especially a memory, or a reel with your mom’s pictures, all are good and creative ways to give her a gift she’ll cherish.


  1. Draw or take a picture

In a similar vein, you can gift your mom a photograph you’ve drawn or commissioned from an artist. Handmade gifts are the best gifts after all. Drawing something shows that you took the time and effort to remember something that is important to her.


  1. Gift her a Muses book

Not to self-promote but we have some great books. And your mom, if she enjoys reading, will have a lifetime supply of free online books and sustainable product recommendations at her disposal. From the Diary of a Twenty-Something duology, which will make her nostalgic about her twenties to Once and Thereafter, which will take her on a fantastical journey, we have a lot. Plus, if you are a broke college student like many of us here at Muses- reading online is free!

  1. Take her to therapy

Self-care is so important, especially for our moms who always put others first. Take your mom to a therapy session. Dr Ranjan Ghosh of Good Karma says that therapy does for our psychological well-being what the gym does for our body. It helps us build resilience and while moms tend to have a lot of that, it’s a good day when they can talk to a non-judgemental person about the things that might trouble them.

  1. Cook her a meal

As we said, self-care is the best gift and the only better gift is an experience. Nothing can match those. And what brings the two together but a good home-cooked meal? Source seasonable veggies and make your mom a sustainable meal like no other. We recognise that meal prep takes well prep so here’s an easy way out if you forgot to mark the date- order her favourite dishes from her favourite eco-friendly restaurant. We won’t tell if you don’t.

There’s a lot more you can do. You can plant a tree in her name, though be careful to plant ecosystem-appropriate trees, or take her shopping for sustainable clothes. The main thing though is to celebrate her and everything she has done. Thus, give her a gift she’ll love, use, and cherish. It’s time to bring tears of joy to the eyes of our moms.

Many of us don’t have the best relationships with our moms. Yet we still love them. If you’re interested in giving a voice to your tumultuous relationship with your mom and getting some catharsis, you can check out Maa by Siya. The book talks about the flaws that can be found in many mother-daughter relationships and puts in verse concepts such as generational trauma and healing together.

P.S.- If your mom is no longer a part of your life, fear not. The pain you might feel on Mother’s Day is natural. And we are here for you, just an email away if you need a friend to chat with.

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Author- Anjali Roongta
Editor- Shubhr Aakriti

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