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All About Love(s)

“All About Loves, Volume 1 – Romance and Desire” is the debut anthology by poets Antra Bhargava and Shreya Krishnan. This pocket of love poems takes you through a journey of romantic love, lust and dark passion. Ideal gift for your loved ones or just the pick me up you need in your alone time. Remember Valentines Day is coming so book your copy now!

Antra Bhargava and Shreya Krishnan are leaders in business, best friends and Trustees of a women empowerment NGO they founded. This power packed duo discovered synergies beyond the impact they are making in the verses that they have written over the years and decided to collaborate on this unique project. Future themes will include poems on motherhood, feminism, the environment and humanity. This first Volume is dedicated to All The Loves that we are privileged to experience in our lifetimes.

Pre-orders open below.

Last Updated: March 23rd, 2024
Project Started: January 11th, 2024



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